You will be playing a young Noel Coward
What did you do to prepare for this role?

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Drabble: While running through their lines for Original Song, Darren wonders if they should practice the kiss. Written for Dani.

Darren finishes Blaine’s dialogue and pauses, as though he has more words to say but isn’t sure if he should say them.

"And then Blaine kisses Kurt," Darren says quietly. He licks his lips, a quick swipe of his tongue as he glances up at Chris. Chris’s cheeks are a pretty pink and as good as an actor as Darren knows he is, he suspects this is Chris and not Kurt blushing.

"He does," Chris says, a little breathy despite the fact they’ve been sitting in Chris’s trailer for the past hour.

"Should we-?" Darren half asks, doesn’t want to assume or overstep his boundary with Chris.

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Happy 7th birthday, Deathly Hallows!

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So you’ve been meeting a lot of young fans around the world, does one particular fan stick out?

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Song: Chris Colfer's Noël Coward accent
Album: The Talk 14
Played: 13312 times
I started working with a dialect coach, because he didn’t have just like an accent, he had a very, very particular way that he spoke. So, like it was always very, like staccato.  
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Chris on being in the harness for Glee’s “Old Dog, New Tricks”

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Forever a headcanon of mine is that Kurt’s pretty good with the pencil, since he’s done fashion design and we know he’s a doodler, so this probably happens sometimes. 

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@TheTalk_CBS: .@chriscolfer on #TheTalk now!

@TheTalk_CBS: .@chriscolfer on #TheTalk now!

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you can’t just say things like this and expect me to resist. plus, my friends asked me to. 

“Mm,” Darren groans softly. “I have been waiting for this all day.”

“Me too,” Chris shares, and he’s immediately surging forward, forcefully crashing his lips against Darren’s mouth, his tongue eagerly pressing back in between Darren’s lips. They’re both equally desperate for each other tonight, pushing their bodies close together.  

Generally, with long nights ahead of them, they take their time worshipping, pulling moans and groans out of each other, making sweet, slow love, enjoying every minute by kissing, sucking, nipping, licking, and teasing. Yet despite the lengthy hours before them, tonight they can’t wait to just get to it, already too hungry and horny to bear anything but.

“Hot tub?” Chris suggests, and Darren’s only nodded once before Chris is pressing another fervent kiss to his lips, Darren’s blissful “absolutely” lost in Chris’s mouth. Chris’s hands wander enthusiastically down Darren’s torso, and they’re already unzipping Darren’s pants when Darren’s own hands slip beneath Chris’s shirt.

They’re at the glass door to the deck when Chris sees them, all of Darren’s friends huddled close together in the water, watching them through the door and giggling like maniacs, and although he should be angry that he’s half-hard and interrupted, he instead laughs against Darren’s mouth and pulls away slowly.

Darren, however, doesn’t find it as humorous. After he scrunches his eyebrows in confusion and Chris points outside, he slams the glass door open. “Guys, what the fuck?!”

Chris stands with his face in his hands, laughing quietly. “Oh my god.”

“What are you all doing here?!”

“We’re clearly enjoying the benefits of your friendship,” Brian supplies, and around him, everyone’s still laughing. “It’s pretty awesome. Thank you.”

Joey points towards Darren’s unzipped pants and feigns embarrassment. “Thank God we’ve seen Darren in various states of undress, because if not, this would be really embarrassing for you.”

“Get out,” Darren hisses, crossing his arms over his chest. Chris is sure if his brain wasn’t so muddled with lust at the moment, he would find this just as funny.

Lauren frowns. “But the cockblocking has only just beg—”


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Chris + looking really good during TLOS3 tour

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