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anonymous prompted: I’m sure this has already been prompted a million times but after last night’s episode all I can think about is Blaine’s weight gain NOT being due to the freshman fifteen, but due to Kurt knocking him up during their intensely hot make up sex, and the clinic calling Blaine to tell him that whilst he doesn’t have any STDs, he is pregnant uwu I would love you forever if you wrote this fic c:

The mirror lies. It has to. Blaine stares forlornly into it, a hand cupped over the distended curve of his belly. His jeans are hung low, just under the dip of the V of his hips, unbuttoned because—god, because he can’t even button them. These jeans hadn’t necessarily been his tightest, but they also hadn’t been his loosest, and the last time he’d worn them he’d had no problem cinching them up.

“There’s no way this is just the freshman fifteen,” Blaine says, almost inaudible. He knows he’s been eating more than usual lately to curb the rise of unwanted, sour emotions (and he even seems to be more emotional than usual, thinking back to the way he’d teared up—for no reason—during one of the Star Wars fics he was reading to Sam), but it’s only been a few weeks since he began and this much weight gain seems almost impossible.

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what you have is real and worth fighting for
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184/∞ edits of fashionably flawless people: emma watson

184/∞ edits of fashionably flawless peopleemma watson

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klaine + fighting/making up

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"as long as you love me so
it snow, let it snow, let it snow”

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I’m not a box. There are more than four sides to me.

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prompt: reaction fic for 5x17 where kurt and blaine turn into horny little exhibitionists when they go to their favorite gay club. aka semi-public frottage.

Kurt has that look on his face, the one that reminds Blaine a little too much of a cat about to pounce, when he leans in to brush his lips against Blaine’s ear and say, “Let’s go be reckless.”

Blaine flushes. He doesn’t have to ask what Kurt means, because they’ve been here plenty of times before, and have maybe developed a bit of a reputation for sneaking off and being reckless.

"We’re here for Rachel," Blaine reminds him, and Kurt laughs, tugging at each end of Blaine’s undone bow tie.

"Rachel’s on the swing being fed grapes by hunky shirtless men. I don’t think she’ll mind if we disappear for a little bit, sweetheart."

"I thought that only happened in movies…" Blaine says, trailing off because Kurt’s already leading him over to the booth in the corner - the one tucked just out of sight of the dance floor.

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