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What year is this

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Chris casually tapping Darren’s back … 


Chris casually tapping Darren’s back … 

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Before I Do


a Klaine one-shot

Author: nellie12

Words: 8,746

Genre: Angst, Hurt/Comfort

Summary: Blaine made a decision that cost him his best friend at 16 years old. He spends a lot of time wishing things had gone differently between him and Kurt. Years later, he’s about to walk down the aisle and marry his high school sweetheart, but Blaine questions whether or not he’s ready to utter those two words when Kurt shows up at his bachelor party. Slightly AU through Season 2.

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Kurt Hummel + emojis (insp)
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blaine anderson + emojis (insp.)

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Klaine Prompt Bang: I Will Always Find You


Title: I Will Always Find You
Artist: excusemethatsmypizza
Author: cinnamont
Rating (art/fic if different): T/PG, G-Rated except for an innuendo joke
Word Count: ~8000
Warnings (if any): unrepentant fluffiness, mild violence

Fic Summary: Written for the Klaine Prompt Challenge. a once upon a time!klaine type prompt! Mostly the Snow White/Prince Charming storyline and how they met. Instead of Kurt being a prince on the run, he can be someone who needs to steal money/gold to help support him and his father because they have very little (Kurt is also a skilled archer) and so while he is on the hunt he stumbles upon Prince Blaine’s carriage and VOILA THEY MEET AND JUST TAKE THINGS FROM THERE <333</p>

Link to Art:
Link to Fic: tumblr | AO3
Art Thumbnail: 


A/N: THANKS to those whose hard work organized this Bang. To the lovely excusemethatsmypizza for her beautiful artwork that helped to inspire this fic. To my beta, Heather. And to the anon prompter, we hope you enjoy this.

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fic: for better or worse


nonedecidemyfate prompted: mpreg!blaine, blaine and kurt are engaged and kurt’s trying to find him a paternity tuxedo. blaine hates how he looks in everything, and has a meltdown in the dressing room. hope you like it, hon! sorry it took me so long ;___;

word count: ~3.3k

Are you sure you’re going through with it?

Kurt rolls his eyes, tucking the phone between his jaw and his shoulder so he can keep pinning up the dress in front of him. “Cedes, I told you, we just wanna be married. Blaine’s only a few weeks along, we’re hoping to time it somewhere in his second trimester so he doesn’t feel too much like a balloon.”

He hears Mercedes sigh heavily. “I know, boo, but think about it. You been planning this wedding for years now, and I know you’re no further along than you were when you started. Planning it while Blaine is pregnant is gonna be hell on both of you. You really wanna put yourselves through that?

"I…" Kurt sighs and puts the pin he’s holding back in the cushion, "I don’t know. It has been years, you’re right, but we’re finally financially stable enough to have that big dream wedding we’ve always talked about!”

Who says you can’t have that wedding once Blaine’s popped out a little Hummel or two?

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luminary-child prompted: idk if you’re taking prompts but here: klaine moves in to a new place and obviously christen it by having sex everywhere. bottom!blaine says (yells) Kurt’s name so much when they fuck that when their next door neighbour finally greets them they know Kurt’s name

It’s tiny. Their living room barely spans ten feet across, the walls are a flat off-white color that they’re not allowed to paint, and the kitchen is a miniscule outdated mess. But none of this matters because their names are on the lease and they’re standing, side-by-side, in the threshold of their first official place together.

Kurt turns his head. Blaine’s eyes are wide, bright, and when he meets Kurt’s he beams broadly and grips Kurt’s hand tightly in his. Their stuff is still unpacked, strewn in messy piles of boxes at all corners of their new apartment, and Kurt really isn’t looking forward to the daunting task of setting everything up and deciding on the perfect mix of both their styles. Living in the loft together had taught them how that could be.

But this is a new them. A new start. An apartment in the heart of New York City where the occupants won’t come and go as they please; where they can try this again, try them, at their own pace.

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